Yamagata Shikki Lacquerware (Yamagata City)


Making lacquerware using Yamagata's special products dates back more than 300 years.
It is said that lacquerware has been made in Yamagata for over 300 years. Producing lacquerware requires several processes and workers, such as Itamono-kijishoku (artisans who shape wood), Nuri-shoku (artisans who paint uncoated wooden materials with lacquer), Kashoku (artisans who add decoration), and sales. It is said that there were dozens of Shikko artisans who engaged in lacquering wares during the Taisho period (1912-1925), when the Hana-nuri technique, a glittery lacquer, was developed. The only shop remaining in Yamagata City, Honke Nagato-ya, uses the unique Gonno-suke-nuri coating method.


Gonno-suke-nuri method marries traditional coating techniques and modern function.
Gonno-suke-nuri was developed after much trial and error by the previous and current generation artisans Gonno-suke Yamaguchi, a name which has been passed down from generation to generation. A safflower pattern is carved into the surface of the wood after the first coating, then it is finished by way of Shumaki-ho, using Indian red pigment. It is a highly popular folk craft lacquerware that is strong and easy to use.

Main Products

●Round Trays   ●Cake Bowls   ●Cake Dishes   ●Tea cup Holders