Eguchi-Shikki Kogei (Eguchi Lacquerware Workshop) (Nagai City)


Lacquerware techniques learned from Urushi (lacquer) which are not a burden on the natural environment
Mr.Tadahiro Eguchi, the 5th proprietor of Eguchi Shikki Kogei, inherited his father's business in 1982 and began making lacquerware. He moved his studio to Isazawa and learned about lacquer through self-study. He has worked in a wide range of business activities, from making unique eco-friendly hand-made lacquer wares and repairing lacquer wares, to coating buildings with lacquer. He organizes private exhibitions not only in Japan but also in countries overseas such as Germany.


The basic principle of art crafts is that they should be easy to use, therefore the products are made with great care.
Following the previous owner's teachings that they should not use petroleum-related chemical materials, they employ only natural materials.
Labor-intensive lacquer wares are expensive, however, Mr.Eguchi would like to see lacquerware not as a decorative art object, but as a living art craft used in daily lives. He makes chopsticks and bowls made to the size of the user's hands or body.

Main Products

●Fuchinuno-tamenuri-bachi Bowl   ●Nunozuri-tsubaki-zara (camellia-patterned dish)   ●Pendants   ●Sake Cups