Takenuri Shikki Lacquerware (Tsuruoka City)


Lacquerware born at the former castle town of Tsuruoka City has both beautiful serenity and durability
Take-nuri is a unique art craft from Japan made by layered coatings of lacquer, which creates a bamboo-like appearance. During the Meiji period (1868-1911) Mr.Chikuo Abe, who was a lacquer artisan for the armor of the former Shonai Clan's samurai warriors', invented this technique. Take-nuri, with its simple beauty and high durability, was carefully passed down to his apprentices, and Mr.Ryoichi Sato and Mr.Isamu Suzuki are the current inheritors of his teachings.


First bamboo joints are made by painting several coats of lacquer, followed by layering coats of colored lacquer, creating an image of withered bamboo.
The appearance of bamboo coating will require a total of 36 processes spread out over 30 to 40 days of production. The basic production of it will carefully build up lacquer on the parts of the bamboo joints, and then be layered several times with gradating colors giving the impression of withered bamboo. A unique and traditional tool made from whale bone has been used since the old days in this process.

Main Products

●Tea Caddies   ●Trays   ●Flower Vases    ●Large Dishes   ●Chopsticks   ●Ball-point pens   ●Ink Stone Cases