Kirihata-no-Mokkohin (Wooden Works made in the Kirihata district) (Yamagata City)


Kirihata is a district where wooden millstones have long been made due to geographical as well as topographical reasons.
Millstone making began in the Kirihata district of Yamagata City approximately 150 years ago. As to why, it is said that as the region was situated in a mountainous area where woodworking was common, so there was plenty of wood suitable for making millstones, together with an existing demand for millstones. In their busiest year (1955) it is said that there were 40 to 50 artisans, but that number has shrank to only 4 people still producing traditional millstones.


The keys to producing millstones that will last for hundreds of years are to select the wood, dry it well, and shave it.
Making millstones requires thoroughly drying zelkova trees, followed by hollowing the inside to produce the bowl of the millstone. There are two forms of millstones, called the Zenkoji type and Zundo type. Although the demand for millstones has diminished, recently the practice of mochi-tsuki (rice cake pounding) has become very popular, so delicious rice cakes made with a millstone have been rediscovered.

Main Products

●Mortars,Pestles   ●Cutting Boards   ●Tableware   ●Bowls