Kiri-bako (box made from paulownia) (Yamagata City)


Boxes made from paulownia wood were used traditionally in Japan, where humidity change was great.
Kiri-bako were prized in humid Japan for their resilience against changes in humidity, as well as for being lightweight, flame-retardant, and insect-resistant. As high-quality paulownia wood was produced in Yamagata, it was used to create boxes for storing stoneware. Although kiri-bako have lost their former popularity to other mass-produced goods, there are still 5 factories which produce paulownia boxes.


Paulownia boxes are also good for storing gifts because of their heartwarming white beauty.
Paulownia boxes have beautiful grain and tinge, giving them a sense of high-class, and making them well suited to preserving objects of art. Also, as they are lightweight, they are good for packaging gifts.

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