Yamagata Sashimono (cabinetry) (Yamagata City)


These are Yamagata's traditional furnishings, blending artisans' techniques centering on cabinetwork, as well as lacquered and furniture fitting.
Sashimono means furniture made by joining woods without using nails. During the early Edo Period (early 17th century) it was Lord Mogami Yoshiaki of Yamagata Clan who encouraged common people to make handcrafts by establishing a town of artisans, leading to the development of craftsmanship in the people. Yamagata Sashimono is a traditional art craft, a technical fusion of furniture making, lacquering and fitting.


Yamagata Sashimono brings cabinet-making techniques which have been nurtured by artisans' hard work into the future.
Yamagata's artisans' excellent techniques have been passed on mainly on producing traditional cabinets as well as tea cabinets. However, the number of artisans in Japan who make strong and beautiful cabinet fittings is decreasing. In Yamagata Prefecture it has become only those people who live in Miya-machi in Yamagata City who are engaged in making cabinet fittings.

Main Products

●Ship Cabinets   ●Dressers   ●Others, Japanese-style Cabinets for Kimono