Tsuru-zaiku (vine works) (Nishikawa Town)


Though they were first made for assisting with family finances, now Nishikawa vine crafts have become so popular that people living in Tokyo come to buy them.
Vine crafts have long been used in making many familiar items such as lunch boxes.
Both easy and requiring few materials to make, and with their long-lasting durability, vine crafts have been valued for years. In this region vine works have always enjoyed daily use, but recently there has been a boom in demand for these products. Now, vine craft producers have gathered in the Oisawa district and begun to make and sell more value-added products as an art craft. Currently, 14 people are engaging in producing vine crafts.


Products range from common baskets to pochettes, and products can be made to order.
Vine crafting techniques have been passed down in this region mainly as a winter job because here winter is the off-season for rice farming. There are several ways of knitting together vines, the materials of which include Akebi (a plant) and Budo (grape). Especially those baskets made from vines have elastic properties, and become glossier with use.

Main Products

●Purses   ●Hand-bags   ●Boxes for storing small items   ●Baskets