Shonai Anesama (Paper Dolls) (Tsuruoka City)


This lovely doll conveys the warmth of hand-made toys.
Shonai Anesama dolls are also called Kami-bina (hina dolls made of paper), and were made for amusement by the wives and daughters of the Shonai Clan's samurai warriors during the mid-19th century. Male and female dolls were used by children who played by changing the dolls' clothes and figures.
Presently a local group of women led by Masako Ota preserves this technique of doll making.


A variety of hair styles and accessories are made with great care.
Newspaper coated thinly with black lacquer is wrapped around a pole, making the doll's hair, and it is turned a glossy black after glue is applied and hardens. It features a long face with a cute nose in the center. The dolls' hairstyles feature gorgeous styling in the back, of which there are six varieties, including Shimada, Yui-wata, Maru-mage, Katsu-yama, Momo-ware and Chon-mage.

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