Izumeko Dolls (Tsuruoka City)

Made by Bukan Otaki


These lovely and nostalgic dolls conjure up thoughts of the lifestyle of bygone days.
Until Soon after the end of the war it was common for babies to be put into straw baskets called Izumeko (rice warming basket) or Ezuko (baby care basket) during working days in the farming village of Tsuruoka. Izumeko dolls are modeled after this scene. Bukan Otaki first began producing this doll during the early 20th century by placing tiny dolls made from fabric into the caps of acorns. The baskets were later produced from straw or rush, and the dolls have since grown in size, with ornaments such as baby's toys.


Local women who make miniature crafts with great care have preserved this art craft.
Dolls are placed into a basket that has been woven from straw. As for the doll's kimono, the doll is covered with padded cloth and fabric similar to a bed quilt and finished by attaching the hands and toys. It is traditional for housewives to attach both Goten-mari (decorative balls) and Den-den-Taiko (traditional baby's toys) to the dolls.

Main Products

●Shonai-sashiko (quilted) Izumeko Dolls    ●Cotton Izumeko Dolls   ●Miniature Izumeko Dolls