Momono-mi Kogeihin (art crafts made from peach seeds) (Oe Town)


Unique art crafts made from peach seeds, which have been a symbol in the East of life and protection from evil since ancient times.
Yamagata is the home of many kinds of fruits including peaches. Teisaku Kamoda was impressed by the beauty and strength of peach seeds and began using them in his crafts. His son Noriyasu Kamoda currently continues the tradition of making crafts with peach seeds. Peach seeds are shaved and pasted together, polished carefully, and processed into trays, tea casks, and teacup holders. These art crafts are made from a unique material, and the more they are used the glossier they become.


In addition to goods made by pasting peach seeds together, there are items incorporating the shape of seeds themselves.
After a 7 to 10 year drying process, peach seeds are cut into rectangles by hand and processed. They are used to make cake trays and tea utensils made by combining zelkova and walnut woods. Small items are also made using untouched seeds such as pendants and toothpick containers. These items are very popular as souvenirs for tourists from China and Korea, as the peach is believed to be auspicious fruit that brings happiness or prosperity in these countries.

Main Products

●Tea Casks   ●Round Trays   ●Pendants   ●Toothpick Containers