Narushima-yaki Pottery Wakui-gama Kiln (Nagai City)


The former Yonezawa Clan's Narushima-yaki pottery was recreated in the Imaizumi district, which was said to have good quality clay soil.
The Imaizumi district in Nagai City has been said to have good clay for pottery ware. Mr.Toshizo Wakui of the Hiraizumi district in Yamagata City noticed this, and began producing clay piping as well as roof tiles in 1937. Later his second son, Fujio, opened the kiln in which he baked Nagai-yaki pottery using Imaizumi clay. In 1965 he aimed to reproduce the former Yonezawa Clan's Narushima-yaki pottery, finally doing so in the Imaizumi district after 10 years of hard work.

* As for the former Yonezawa Clan's Narushima-yaki Pottery, please refer to the corresponding pages


The Wakui-gama kiln's modern technical art is based in tradition, expresses the present, and connects with the future
Narushima-yaki pottery, which was used as daily ware in the clan, features Kuro (black) and Namako glazing. The first proprietor, Mr.Fujio Wakui, made tea wares and modern pottery as he tried to enhance the artistic value of the modern technical art which is said to be based upon tradition, expressive of the present, and be connected to the future. In January 2010 his efforts were recognized and designated by Nagai City as an intangible cultural asset. In addition the second-generation owner Mr.Osamu Wakui inherited his father's style and is pursuing the production of porcelain wares where patterns are drawn on the white skin of the pottery.

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